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Digital Ideaz was started as Quasar Technologies in 1996 in India
as one-man army solution provider by Ritesh Saxena. An electronics
engineer by education, Ritesh has nurtured his best dream to create
a top company and currently he is the CEO and Managing Director
providing the leadership and inspiration to the team of top
professionals, web developers, web designers, artists, and content


After his stint with Indian corporate employment in the web designing
field, Ritesh started Quasar Technologies and designated himself
Chief Everything Officer; initially doing almost all the tasks related
with the projects. Today DIPL consists of best professionals who are
specialized in web designing and web development, templates and
enjoys dedicated team of professionals who are energetic, enthusiastic
and eager to deliver the best for the projects they undertake.

In this journey, corporate headquarter was changed from Mumbai to
Chandigarh. However, it is the untiring attention to quality service
and quality work that made DIPL what it is today.


Digital Ideaz Private Limited (DIPL) is the upshot of passion for
quality web design, website development and Search Engine Optimization
(SEO) field. It is the result of vision to become one-stop top
solution for diverse needs of clients. This vision is nurtured for
more than a decade. DIPL has evolved from its humble beginning as
solution provider for web designing and web development to a
full-spectrum web designing Indian company. As a full spectrum
website design company, DIPL offers a wide range of services to
clients from all over the world.

Be it services and solutions related with website designing templates,
web development and web maintenance or extended and embedded services
related with SEO friendly content writing and search engine marketing
related brand promotion. From a humble beginning as a result of an
aspiring entrepreneur, DIPL today offers graphic design, multimedia
and animation associated services. DIPL appreciates the fact that for

e-commerce companies, their online website is their online store and
footprint and caters to this need very efficiently.
As a web design company with difference, DIPL make every effort to
bring smile to their clients by hassle free web design and
web development solutions.


DIPL has grown and served its clients to the best and beyond of their
expectations. The company has been fortunate to enjoy testimonials of
its clients and referral businesses. We have been a company focused
on continuous learning. We believe in ‘creative-destruction’ and have
always challenged our own limits. We have been pushing our limits
in terms of customer satisfaction, continuous learning, bringing
inspiration, innovative thinking and creating a great place to work
where creative minds germinate.

You can now experience customized and quality web site design and
development services with bouquet associated services like SEO at
one-stop best solution provider in India.

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