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Google Analytics for Best SEO Services in India

Jan 16, 2014
By: Ritesh Saxena

One important facet is the Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. Analytics provides keen insights and data to improve the SEO. Here is a brief overview on some of the analysis that you can do to improve your SEO: Landing Page analysis focusing on Organic Traffic: A landing page is the first page visited by your visitors. It is important to measure your landing page, as it is generally built around a specific keyword or theme. Thus landing pages analysis can be a good indicator of how your keywords are performing for that your website. Metrics to look for are: Bounce Rate, Avg Time on Page, Avg. Visit Duration, %New Visits, Goal Conversion Rate, Revenue, and Per Visit Value. Segment Analysis: You can group your website into different segments to create granular data, and make changes from the essence. You can use segments to see how each group is performing against your KPIs. Multi-Channel Funnels and Attribution Analysis: Like segment analysis, you can build multi-channel funnels and assign attribution; you can analyze which branding or non-branding are working. Doing so will help you to improve decisions related to branding. Keyword analysis: Google analytics can also be used to exclusively analyze your keywords. Use search queries to observe the best performing keywords by measuring the CTR. By increasing the CTR, the awareness and traffic to your website will increase. By using these analyses, you will increase your SEO dramatically.

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Ritesh Saxena belongs to a renowned family of advocates from Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. He did his basic schooling from Methodist English School (a convent School run by Anglo-Indian community).

Today he is the Chairman and Managing Director at ‘Digital Ideaz (P) Ltd.’ Based at Chandigarh. Still passionate of professional writing he spends a substantial time for it. He is an avid reader too.

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