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3 tips to get around ‘not provided data in Google Analytics’

Mar 01, 2014
By: Ritesh Saxena

Since the Snowden saga, Google has been pushing for secure search for their search engine. The use of search secure layer (SSL) has supplanted the outdated unsecure search. As a consequence, Google has successfully managed to hide the search queries in Google analytics. While this is a positive move, ensuring security for users, this has also caused a certain quandary for digital marketers. It is virtually impossible now to find the user intent for visiting your website. This causes an impediment to enhance the user experience, and thus improve websites for conversion. With a little experimenting I managed to create few “hacks” to get keyword data from EO tools. These may not be as good as finding the actual keywords data, but can be helpful to gain insights on the user intent. Average Visit Duration and Landing Pages Landing pages are those pages from where the user entered your website. Think of it as a gateway to your website. These can be analyzed to get more information about the users. Go to Behavior < Site Content < Landing Pages. You get a list of the most popular pages in your GA. You can use this data to see which landing pages are performing optimally and which are performing sub-optimally. Use metrics like bounce rate, average visit Duration to improve the content of your page. Site Search Intent One way to discern the intent of your website visitors is to use the Search Box already incorporated into your website. You might not get to know what made your visitors clicks on your URL from SERPS, but with site search, you may get a fair idea of what were they looking for. Go to Behavior < Site Search < Search terms and Google will provide you with a list of search terms your visitors use to search within your website. Google Webmaster Tools Apart from Analytics, Google provides Webmaster tools for developers and marketers. Go to your webmaster tools and search for the queries you’ve optimized your websites. Google will provide you with a list of your top performing queries, along with the number of impressions (times your keywords appeared on SERPS), Clicks (number of time people clicked your url), CTR (click through rate). Look into these numbers and try optimizing these queries to get acquire best CTR. CONCLUSION: These are just some of the hacks I use to get an fair idea of the intent people use to visit my website. I hope you use these tactics to improve your landing pages and conversion rate. Of course, you can contact digital ideaz, best web design company in India, to know more about how to use (not provided) data.

About the author:


Ritesh Saxena belongs to a renowned family of advocates from Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. He did his basic schooling from Methodist English School (a convent School run by Anglo-Indian community).

Today he is the Chairman and Managing Director at ‘Digital Ideaz (P) Ltd.’ Based at Chandigarh. Still passionate of professional writing he spends a substantial time for it. He is an avid reader too.

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