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Feb 06, 2014
By: Ritesh Saxena

What distinguishes a great design from an average design? What are the aspects a designer needs to consider before arriving at the final design? In this article, I’ll lay out some of the most contemporary trends bring used in web design. Before laying the principles, I’d like to provide a brief introduction to UX design. According to Wikipedia, UX design, or User Interaction design, is the approach which encompasses all the aspects related to user behavior. A good designer holds his or her visitors as an important element to gauge their performance. Principles of effective design to understand the principals involved in effective design, we need to learn how visitors interact with website. Don’t make users think Most of the visitors to your website seek instant gratification. According to the first law of Krug’s visibility, the webpage should be informative and focused to the point. You need to make sure of the level of your design is convenient to the user, and the visitor is not being frazzled when reading your website. Patience is a vice As mentioned in the aforementioned point, internet users don’t posses much of the patience; use this principle to enhance the usability of your webpage. The sign up forms should be laid in a manner to reduce the time period to complete the forms. By doing so, you reduce the hassles required to fill these forms, making your webpage more engaging. Focus on the User’s attention The human is a highly non-linear device, and deceptive to some of the extravagance techniques. It can easily discern the patterns, text and motions. A designer should focus on how to garner the attention of the visitors by analyzing how a user interacts with websites in general, copywriting techniques and optimal ways of using images. Keeping it Simple Keeping it simple should be the premise of your design principle. Not only does it reduce the cognitive overload, and help visitors engage with your website in an engaging manner. Test Early, Test Often Testing is an essential element to come up with a great design. Use analytical tools to measure and track, how different audiences are engaging with your website. There are thousands of analytical tools to leverage and see where your design stands. CONCLUSION: In the end, I’d like to repeat the importance of understanding the user behavior, when making a design decision and strive to keep it simple. I’m sure you have some amazing insights to UX design. I’d love to read about them. Please write it in the comment section.

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Ritesh Saxena belongs to a renowned family of advocates from Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. He did his basic schooling from Methodist English School (a convent School run by Anglo-Indian community).

Today he is the Chairman and Managing Director at ‘Digital Ideaz (P) Ltd.’ Based at Chandigarh. Still passionate of professional writing he spends a substantial time for it. He is an avid reader too.

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